Connected Supply Chain Solutions

Connected Supply Chain Solutions is all about leveraging the right technology and transportation to offer a solution that suits your needs. We believe that all companies should benefit from cost-effectiveness, convenience and comfort in this day and age, so we make it our mission to ensure this, giving you the best possible experience.

How we started

Connected Supply Chain Solutions started with one refrigerated van and rapidly expanded to utilize a fleet of vehicles of all sizes. We started off picking up from local manufacturers and speciality producers of high-end products that were flown in and did all their last-mile hot shot delivery services to restaurants and stores all over the province. We then decided to expand our focus and team to provide services to customers all over the country and in the USA.

Decades of experience

We are a supply chain service providing temperature-controlled transportation of high-value products across the nation. We even offer great rates on air freight worldwide. We service businesses of all kinds, including smaller firms, speciality producers, and more. Our warehouses offer long-term storage of products with an abundance of space for cold storage and ambient warehousing. With our delivery model, we allow your business to flourish and reach customers nearby and those all over the country. Our simple and affordable system is an excellent solution for expanding your business and network, allowing you to earn more.

Our passion

Connected Supply Chain Solutions also allow businesses to grow by offering assistance with procurement needs. We can help find you the best quality goods at a price that makes sense. Our diverse network of partners allows us to get the best rates and get you the product as quickly as possible. Reach out to one of our team members today and let us help put money back in your pocket.